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Citizens are now so deeply intertwined in the now that another economic collapse is sure to occur, given the weak hearted attempts to reign in the financial system. I frankly, would have liked to see President Obama tackle that topic firstwhen no one could have questioned financial system reform without committing political suicide. Many of us have 401k or 403bretirement accounts, which tethers us to stock market performance.

I’m delighted you chose to look through the revealing moments and eye opening insights from Bill Moyers Journal, the weekly broadcasts we produced over three historic years from 2007 to 2010. We captured much of the excitement of democracy on trial during that time, including the momentous transition of power from George Bush to Barack Obama as the financial world came crashing down and our economy plunged to a depth not seen since the Great Depression. But even during calamitous events we also kept an eye on reverberations in society, faith, science, and art..