Il potere corrompe e la follia dirompe: “Se fai realmente parte degli eletti stai attento alla maniera con cui ottieni il potere” (Costantinos Kavafis). Si narra che Federico II di Prussia, una volta esclamò: “Se i miei soldati cominciassero a pensare, nessuno più rimarrebbe nelle mie file”. Questo pensiero breve e sarcastico ci spiega dunque che i potenti hanno bisogno, per portare a termine i loro nefasti progetti, di gente fedele e ossequiosa che, per paura o per denaro li segua ciecamente nelle loro folli imprese di conquista e di sterminio.

Ricomincia la routine, ricominciano i casini fin da subito. Ricominciano anche le solite cazziate perchè non basta essere previdenti, ma se tu pianifichi tutto, prepari anche la soluzione ad eventuali imprevisti, e poi causa stupidità altrui succede ancora qualcosa di peggio, è comunque colpa tua. La prossima volta che mi dovrò assentare per ben 3 giorni di seguito credo che pianificherò anche possibili attacchi termonucleari, invasioni di cavallette, venute dell’Anticristo ed attacchi coordinati di infezioni intestinali a tutti i reparti logistici.

526KbAbstractThe aim of the project is to see how a system in contact with a thermal bath approaches equilibrium, described by the canonical ensemble density (Gibbs density). The physical system has been modeled with the use of stochastic and dissipative contributes: it has been studied the evolution of the norm (in Gibbs measure) of the deviation from equilibrium, and the trend of the free energy of the system. Particular regard has been given to the case of noise present only at the surface of the solid object.

Some finish some days, others haven’t finished a single day since the changes. Noone in my guild has finished every single day since the changes and our two top players can clear phase 1 of a Lvl 6 raid by themselves. Too random to blame skill or lack of a deep roster after playing with the Guildmates for a couple of months you know what their rosters look like and how skilled they are as players.

The problem with Joshua Cooper Ramo, just like any Chicago School golden boy, is that he is out to make us nostalgic for a free market capitalism that never was. Watch out he’ll be getting a big award from some corporate financed think tank for the current sack of crap. First he tells us China is the center of the universe, and then he says all large states share the same problems.

That is not to say that just anything goes. Times, Sunday Times (2010)They said they would give it to me. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They have grown vital ear cells in a lab and say they could one day be transplanted. The City is known as the one of the oldest in North America and has one of the most lively City Councils in the world. The city is notable for the natural harbour which has provided shelter from the North Atlantic for more than five hundred years.Corner Brook the pulp and paper center of Newfoundland and a major transportation hub for the region.Gander this town grew up around Gander International Airport which developed into one of the most import airfields in the world during the Second World War.Grand Falls Windsor home of the Salmon Festival, Grand Falls Windsor is Central Newfoundland’s largest town. Citizens at the height of the Cold War.