They fly at a steady speed and keep strictly to the same circular course. Times, Sunday Times (2017)They are saying that the country is on a circular track and has been since this century began. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Move the brush in a circular motion around your teeth rather than scrubbing them, which can damage your gums.

Times, Sunday Times (2013)I leave my wet boots at the door and deliver political speeches in my socks. Times, Sunday Times (2010)When you have soldiers in uniform delivering humanitarian aid, it is no wonder that the perception of humanitarian groups is changing. Times, Sunday Times (2008)I’d feared he would want to top it this year and perhaps deliver the speech while changing a nappy or frying an egg.

Goss (1947). La differente grafia con cui è scritta la parola Maui deriva dalla trascrizione così come viene pronunciata Hugill is probably the work of some Bowhead whaleman who had experienced the rigors of the Kamchatka Sea and warmth of the Ship Girls welcome. This song I would place at an earlier date than the booklet (A. L. Lloyd LEVIATHAN recording) gives (1850).

Times, Sunday Times (2007)The little sparrows who attend French schools seem to have the right idea. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They’re no longer common as sparrows. Times, Sunday Times (2012)On behalf of the little sparrows, the teachers are refusing.

Sono prese in esame esclusivamente le pubblicazioni relative agli ultimi 10 anni. Articoli inoltre dovevano essere review, in lingua inglese e free full text. Per la sono state usate le parole chiave: “propriocezione”, “training neuromuscolare” e in seguito a rottura del LCA”.

The ICC is a perfect opportunity for forgotten man Sanches to play himself into the thoughts of new coach Niko Kovac. Kovac has the unenviable task of turning around the former Golden Boy’s fortunes in Bavaria after two seasons of struggle since joining to much fanfare from Benfica in 2016. However, in the short term, the ICC showdowns provide a perfect stage for the Portuguese prodigy to give the watching world a timely reminder of his talents and seal an early spot in the German champions’ star studded midfield engine room.

Aloette sits on the first floor of the same building of Alo. It blackened exterior just hints that this space is more than a simple building on the edge of the Toronto Spadina Chinatown. From looking at all the great shots on the website, Aloette looks like a larger space .

Times, Sunday Times (2016)Retailers have had no choice but to reflect these dramatic increases in the prices they charge at the pumps. Times, Sunday Times (2016)So could it have dramatic effects? Times, Sunday Times (2016)Those numbers hide some dramatic changes. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The experience had a dramatic and permanent effect on Fraser.