Cerca con GoogleWHITTAKER, La schiavitù nel mondo antico, Bari, 1990. Cerca con GoogleFIUME G., Schiavitù mediterranee. Corsari, rinnegati e santi di età moderna, Milano, 2009. (2001) Musei e ambiente naturale. Il ruolo dei musei di storia naturale nella conservazione della biodiversità. CLUEB, Bologna.

Yeah. Looked more. Couldn find it. The Sun (2009)Those with smart meters are already seeing reductions in energy consumption. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The café is smart and clean with a varied range of dishes suitable for vegetarians. Brown, Sarah Sarah Brown Vegetarian London (1988)We aim to be sharper and smarter.

Anderson; Pal Joey, 1958, di G. Sidney; Alle donne ci penso io, 1963, di B. Yorkin. After his entrance into the political arena, Berlusconi became the target of a considerable number of judicial inquiries: too many, perhaps, to avoid the impression that he had become some prosecutors’ sole raison d’etre. Many Italians, not necessarily in Berlusconi’s camp, thought that it would be useful to separate the careers of prosecutors and judges. But every attempt raised the suspicion that reform was designed to favour the prime minister and thus doomed to failure..

Winter at the beach. Outdoor activities: Winter season is a great time to be on the southern Oregon coast. Beachcombing is actually best when turmultuous seas deposit a variety of treasures on local beaches. Smith, Drew Food Watch (1994)One end it would be steaming hot and the other would be soaking wet. The Sun (2012)The players have battered one another and let off steam. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Great ships and tankers steam by.

The bomb disposal squad followed soon after. Times, Sunday Times (2016)One exploded after a bomb disposal robot accidentally cut the wrong wire. The Sun (2016)Now waste disposal symbols are to be displayed on the front of packaging. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Plus, now the weather is humid again the smell is likely to get pretty bad. The Sun (2012)Last night the humid weather gave way to storms in the North. The Sun (2015)After the rain came a spell of humid weather, bringing with it rampant rot.

Un libro che racconta due storie straordinarie: l’odissea della Hustvedt dentro di sé, e verso il punto in cui cervello e mente, neurologia e psichiatria si incontrano nel regno della neuropsicanalisi. Nussbaum, studiosa di filosofia e consulente per la ricerca al World Institute for Development Economic Research (Wider), un istituto dell’Università delle Nazioni Unite, ha scritto un libro molto importante (2000, Diventare persone, trad. It.