I was aware of my own distress as I read and re read the comment. It’s clear that Obama has been weakened by the unmitigated hostility and adamant rejection with which every part of the agenda on which he was elected has been opposed. It has been relentless and unappeasable, from his first day in office.

I figli di Maria e Ema si uniscono ai militanti che hanno compiuto questa azione e fuggono con loro. Tutto precipita. Inutile resistere. You have introduced me to people I would not otherwise have known, like Bill Black, Gretchen Morgensen and John Bogle and I am a better citizen for having heard what these wise and just people have had to say. I wouldn’t know what is going on in politics if it weren’t for your show directing me, through your guests, to websites and non profits seeking to shed light on what corrupt people would keep hidden. I, like many others, feel a little scared that we will be travelling along these rough waters without you at the helm of our ship.

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