No purchase necessary. US residents only, 18 and over, limit of one entry per person, sweepstakes ends 4/28 11:59pm PT. Winner will be announced the week following end date. This is cheating a little as obviously the event in question occurred nearly two years ago, but from an English perspective this really is the great “what if” of this World Cup. Allardyce, at the time, was the most capable of the English candidates, but it’s impossible to see him creating the same likeable and relaxed atmosphere around the team as Gareth Southgate has done. Rather than blowing Panama away they might have laboured to a stodgy 1 0 win, after possibly a grim draw against Tunisia.

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Standard English is promoted in various ways, typically through the written form, although spoken language norms are sometimes modeled on the written standard and over time, the differences between the written standard and the spoken forms may become substantial. Standard language claim linguists should be regarded more than an idea rather than a reality, as a set of abstract norms to which actual usage may adhere to various degrees. The ideology of standards and language standardization is a process rather than a fait accompli.

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