The led shoes are normal sport shoes with led lights and lithium batteries embedded and integrated. We also sell a few models of shoes with non chargeable batteries. When any model of our shoes contents lithium batteries it means this model of shoes is chargeable.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)Which is mildly amusing for a little while. Times, Sunday Times (2009)His journey is both highly amusing and deeply depressing. Times, Sunday Times (2009)The audience enjoyed some amusing moments but it was a rather lame experiment.

How should I reply to him? ‘Why are you prepared to assert that there are 10+ meanings of in John Gospel and not be prepared to demonstrate where they are in John Gospel and how those 10 different meanings are defined by a leading Greek lexicon? If you are not prepared to document them, it becomes your assertion with no proof.'[7] His retort was, ‘I sorry that you think John only uses one definition for “world” in his writings. How did you determine which one John uses?'[8] My reply to this lie about my position was: ‘Not once have I ever said that. It is your false accusation against me.

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She admitted to herself she didn’t know how to handle the problem. [VERB noun adverb]substantivo incontvel The family has criticized the military’s of Robert’s death. [+ of]or operating with or as with the hands [to handle a tool or a problem]; manipulate suggests skill, dexterity, or craftiness in [to manipulate a machine or an account]; wield implies skill and control in effectively [to wield an ax, to wield influence]; ply1 suggests great diligence in operating [to ply an oar, to ply one’s trade]Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition..

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