He adds, however, “our aim in using factual forms of reading isn’t meant to be an alternative to reading literature. Eventually, we should aim to have our boys loving literature too.” Trevor continues with another post about encouraging kids to read what he calls “environmental print”, or non book sources of literacy. He suggests keeping an eye for print in your child’s world, and pointing it out when you run across it.

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A saline trace test monitored via time lapse surface electrical resistivity tomography. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 59(3), 244 259. (1987) Occam’s inversion: A pratical algorithm for generating smooth models from electromagnetic sounding data. In the context of Apple/Ireland and various companies/Luxembourg to cut advantageous tax deals that the EU considers to have avoided taxes, then there is definitely a public interest. One of the arguments for Brexit is that we can then lower taxes to attract companies here, and the EU is not happy about a tax race to the bottom led by the UK, so shedding some light on tax avoidance is relevant in todays context. Of course if we adopted the practice of some of the Scandinavian countries where everybody tax return can be viewed publicly it is far less of an issue..

Twenty years ago, Greider wrote Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, still considered the definitive account of the government bank. “One of the attractive qualities about the Fed is that it is this black box of technocratic expertise,” he told Moyers. “And it knows things the rest of us don’t know.