Dopo Magic Mike e Ocean’s 8, Steven Soderbergh ritorna all’introspezione femminile e a temi come l’insanità mentale. “Il semplice fatto di avere una donna protagonista rende qualsiasi storia più drammatica, loro hanno ostacoli da superare che non hanno gli uomini”, spiega il regista di Side Effects (2013). Una storia inquietante quanto verosimile, Unsane racconta in modo realistico ciò che accade a tante donne vittime di stalking.

One of its diagnostics is the calorimeter STRIKE, whose main components are uni directional CFC tiles. A prototype of the ion source, BATMAN, operating at Max Planck Institut fr Plasmaphysik (IPP, Garching bei Germany) and is equipped with a prototype of the calorimeter, called final objective is to reconstruct and characterize the energy flux impinging on a CFC tile in the BATMAN experiment. To this end, an inversion method was developed at Consorzio RFX, Padova, to obtain the two dimensional profile of the energy flux from the corresponding temperature profile.

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And who going to pay for all this? Certainly not the insurance companies it’s us tax payers, that who. (Oh, but the healthcare companies don like this, so Obama must be fighting for America. What a joke.) Finance reform did absolutely nothing to fix TBTF or restore Glass Steagall walls (which was a campaign promise).