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Times, Sunday Times (2012)In some countries, raisins are called sultanas, and sultanas are called sultanas. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Add the tomatoes, sultanas or raisins and white wine and simmer over a low heat for about 20 minutes. Times, Sunday Times (2013).

Moving on to something more traditional, we recommend a visit to a village in the Province of Pisa known for its traditional horse race, or palio, and its carnival: Bientina. Here, in a traditional looking, out of the way little street, you’ll find Giuseppe Pacini’s Bottega della Pelle e il Cuoio. This is an enchanted little room, a tiny shop selling personalised leather good that’s almost medieval in appearance it’s a place where you can experience the history of the old Tuscan shops.

He loved nondescript hotel rooms and staring out of windows, as though always looking for another place to wander to. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Most are dull to read and nondescript to look at. Times, Sunday Times (2008)T5 sees a woman killing time in a nondescript airport hotel room.

Times, Sunday Times (2011)This was his last cinematic performance before his untimely death, which came only days after the film’s release. Times, Sunday Times (2007)After the timely and sometimes untimely deaths of his five siblings, a controlling 60 per cent belonged to his niece. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Both entered the world as bitter disappointments to their fathers, and the birth of each princess was a contributory factor in the untimely death of a parent.

The civilian population continues to suffer the effects of the fighting. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Many have mental health problems and are unable to adjust to civilian life. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Watch out for those innocent civilians. Invece la struttura sociale dei Nativi Americani era la tribù, ovvero quell di molte famiglie, capace di proteggere e far fiorire la vita delle singole persone. Non a caso nel tempo della summer of love degli anni a San Francisco fu la tribù dei Nativi Americani ad essere presa a modello dai giovani hippies come esempio di una società armoniosa e anche amorevole. A questo proposito il primo testo del libretto intitolato “La gente” dice:” Oggi ci siamo riuniti e vediamo che i cicli della vita continuano.