5)Killoch Glen: il lato sud dell Foresta di Paisley, ovvero ilFereneze Braes, bellissima vallata ricca di ruscelli. Picturesque and romantic ravine is situated on the southern slope of the Capellie range of hills, nearly opposite the town of Neilston. Both its banks are finely wooded with well grown trees, and it has been celebrated in song as the early home of the crawflower, anemone, and primrose.

I suoi più grandi rifiuti sono stati per: Dune (1984) e Velluto Blu (1986) di David Lynch, Dirty Dancing Balli proibiti (1987), Linea mortale (1992), Fuoco assassino (1991), Point Break Punto di rottura (1991), Sliver (1993), Proposta indecente (1993) e Nel centro del mirino (1993).Nel 1988, conosce sul set di Willow di Ron Howard la pellicola fantasy dove interpreta il brigante Madmartigan , sua moglie, l’attrice inglese Joanne Whalley che sposerà lo stesso anno e dalla quale avrà due figli: Mercedes e Jack. Sfortunatamente la loro unione terminerà nel 1996, quando lui avrà una scappatella con la modella Cindy Crawford.Professionalmente, nel 1991, arriva finalmente il ruolo più importante della sua carriera, quello di Jim Morrison nella biografia del cantante suicida: The Doors di Oliver Stone. Sarà lo stesso Kilmer a cantare le canzoni del famoso gruppo, e le interpreterà con così tanta eccellenza che la band originale ebbe difficoltà a distinguere l’attore dal cantante.

I wanted to try Oklahoma Joe ever since I saw them on TV. Interestingly, they located in a small gas station with a often packed parking lot in the back. Working through the line that went out the door took us about a good 45 minutes. In 1982 Larry McLaughlin dedicated this song to his wife Maureen on their silver wedding!Here is a tasty anecdote about it told by Larry McLaughlin son:”Dad and I were playing in Padstow one night and, inevitably, we did ‘Queen of the May.’ Afterwards, a woman of middle years and a rich Cornish accent came up to us and said to Dad, ”Ere boy, you got the words wrong.’ ‘Oh really,’ Dad replied, ‘But I wrote it.’ ‘So you’re the bugger,’ she replied. “But her husband shouted across, ”E didn’t write that, I remember my father singing it.’ To which some else joined in with, ‘You don’t even know who your [bleep]ing father was.’ And such was a typical evening in Padstow. “And in many ways the song has been absorbed into the traditions of Padstow.

Bovy, J. L. And C. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Switching is quick, easy and free. The Sun (2016)It almost sounds too easy: the simple act of walking will make you healthier and add years to your life. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It will be interesting to listen to him because it could make his life a bit easier.