HOUSTON Beyonc pronta ad investire negli Houston Rockets. E l lanciata da “Bloomberg”, che cita fonti molto vicine alla celebre popstar americana. Il mese scorso Les Alexander, storico patron della franchigia Nba, aveva annunciato l di cedere i Rockets per una cifra che potrebbe essere vicina ai 2 miliardi di dollari, lo stesso prezzo che Steve Ballmer pag tre anni fa per acquisire i Los Angeles Clippers.

Raymond McCartney ha trascorso 17 anni della sua vita nelle celle di Long Kesh. Nel 1980 rifiutò il cibo per 53 giorni prendendo parte al primo sciopero della fame, quello che si concluse senza morti. Adesso è un parlamentare eletto nelle liste del Sinn Féin e non ha dubbi: “questo è un luogo unico che è già da tempo un’attrazione per i visitatori di tutto il mondo.

Times, Sunday Times (2007)Killing wild lions for export is a violation of international conventions. Times, Sunday Times (2015)We saw prides of female and male lions. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Swimming with seals or sea lions is undoubtedly the most fun you can have with a wild animal.

The Sun (2009)You and your family make for a winning team when you talk to each other thoughtfully. The Sun (2013)We want to keep that winning mentality. The Sun (2014)This could prove to be another winning formula in your ongoing rejuvenation. It was misty, close, everything intimate, the telegraph wires against thick creamy clouds like matted fleeces, the birds huddling. Gee, Maggie LOST CHILDREN (2002)He smiled gently and touched her cheek in a strangely intimate gesture. Higgins, Jack CONFESSIONAL (2002)An announcer’s off screen voice listed them, giving intimate details of better times beyond recall.

If the oppression at Raamses did not begin until after 1304, then, no matter how Moses’ birth, growth, and decades of exile to Midian be reduced, Israel’s Exodus simply cannot be made to precede “the middle of the 13th cent. 120). But if, on the other hand, the liberal date of 1290/1280 be adopted for the Exodus (IDB, I; 584), with Moses’ birth eighty years earlier (Exod 7:7; cf.

I would say that there are (1) better, and (2) best ways of doing exegesis of a text. I am able to approach the best for the NT because I read, exegete and have taught NT Greek. So I know how to use the Greek tools of grammars, lexicons and word studies..

The Sun (2015)The essays assembled here are a rich source of anecdote and oddity. The Times Literary Supplement (2010)To get access to all the cables sent by all the diplomats working for the richest country. Times, Sunday Times (2013)The colours are richer and the shading more detailed.